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Go, Go Power Rangers [entries|friends|calendar]
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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David Yost stars in Degenerate (2010) [19 Aug 2011|08:15am]

[ mood | like a happy puppy ]

as Marcus, a /punk/.


He still looks spankable very cute in this, even though he's playing a bad character...he's got the really cute soft voice still.


David Yost dressed up as a punk, then

and now:Collapse )

He's back! :)

Crossposted to rangers_daily

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Intro Post [13 Aug 2011|07:51pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Name: Marie

Age: 24

Location: Wouldn't you like to know.

Sex: Teh Female

Favorite Power Ranger: When I was a kid I loved the White Ranger best, but after rewatching the series recently I'm really favoring the Blue Ranger because I feel that he developed more as a character and really grew.

Main reason for loving MMPR: So many reasons. It was a great distraction to a lonely kid who had no friends and was picked on. Returning to it as an adult (thanks, netflix) It was like reliving that comfort again. 

Favorite episode: Blue Ranger Gone Bad and The White Light pt. 1&2 ... and a whole bunch of others.

Favorite villian: I like Zedd... but I really love Squat and Baboo, there is just something endearing about those two.

Got any cool Power Ranger stuff: Alas, no. I used to, but all of it was 'donated' to my nephews when they got into power rangers and, unfortunately, systematically pulverized. Ah well. Somewhere in storage I have a freaking ton of MMPR cards that I am hoping to soon unearth. 

I confess that I did not entirely hate the replacement yellow and Black Rangers. Zack was adorable but Adam is just soooo cute and sweet. I wish that Jason hadn't left because while Rocky was okay, Jason was just... yummier.

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Episode 7: "Big Sisters" fanservice for ppl who likes Guy-Watching [04 Aug 2011|11:55pm]

The very first scene is fanservice, it features Jason and Zack sparring, mmmmnnn, and it's just fun, how friendly they are being, and then the girls + Billy arrive and totally check them out.

Part 1

screenshotsCollapse )
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Hello fellow drivers transversing this memory lane! [29 Jul 2011|04:54pm]

Name: Georgie

Age: Well I was a tween in the 90s too!

Location: Toronto, Canada

Sex: Yes please!

Favorite Power Ranger: It's hard to pick, I heart all of them in different way. I always remember Kimberly as being ridiculously pretty with an attitude, but Billy was adorkable, Trini was sweet and smooth, Jason was The Constant Captain, and Zack, I just heart Zack's zest for life, especially since I also liked Walter's character in "Space Cases", Harlan...who is kinda similar...

Main reason for loving MMPR: The characters Jason, Trini, Zack, Kimberly, and Billy, plus how buddy they all are with each other. This > Jersey Shore.

Favorite episode: It's been a long time and I've only rewatched a few, but so far, imma hearting "Zack's Birthday".

Favorite villian: Divatox...I haven't rewatch any episode with her in it yet, but I think she was one of those Early Clues That I Might Be A Little Queer. Srsly, the Execs are silly hyprocrites for worrying about the private life of an actor when they actually created (not adapted) a dominatrix-ish character for a kids show (but let me be clear that I begrudge the first and not the second).

Got any cool Power Ranger stuff?
Well, I remember back in grade school, a classmate of mine dressed up as the Blue Ranger for Halloween. He had blond hair but he didn't wear glasses, and he was a total jock, always on the soccer field. There, jocks thought Billy was cool too!

Plus you guys, Flashpoint is actually tolerable, and Amy Jo Johnson kicks ass in it, so check it out.

I really wish we got to see more of the others in recent works. For those who really like Zack, you really must check out "Space Cases". Harlan Band is like, harder, ruder, and angstier, in COMPARISON, but he's still bold and sweet and lively.
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Jason David Frank Fanlisting [24 Oct 2009|05:11pm]


I recently made a fanlisting for one of my favourite actors and martial artists, Jason David Frank. If you are also a fan of him, please do consider joining and showing your love for our very own legendary Power Ranger!

Fearless - The Jason David Frank Fanlisting

"What is a fanlisting?" some of you might ask? A detailed desciption can be found here: http://thefanlistings.org/tfl101.php But mainly, it's just for fun and to create a small dedication to something you like!

New members would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

Roleplay a Power Ranger! [06 Jan 2009|03:15pm]

Hey everyone!

I wanted to let you know about a great multi-fandom roleplay on LJ called hearts_andminds. It takes place in a village inside a pocket dimension where your character comes to live and interact with other people. Active and friendly and there are often plots to get involved in!

There is a Billy and Kimberly from MMPR and would love to see more of the old-school (and best) Power Rangers show up.. because they rock. And you know, Bulk and Skull and are wanted. ^__^

Game Info
Taken Characters
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[27 Nov 2008|07:59pm]

Name: Meg
Age: 20
Location: Halifax, NS
Sex: female
Favorite Power Ranger: It's a tie between Billy and Kim
Main reason for loving MMPR: I wanted to be the pink ranger so bad, and I totally ship Billy/Kim.
Favorite episode: Switching places and mighty morphin power punks
Favorite villian: Rita and Ivan from the movie
Got any cool Power Ranger stuff: I have a couple sweet shirts and the orignal pink ranger doll.
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MMPR: Kim/Jason/Trini video - Teardrops On My Guitar [23 Feb 2008|12:27am]


Teardrops On My Guitar

Song: Teardrops On My Guitar by Taylor Swift
Couples: Kimberly Hart/Jason Lee Scott and Trini Kwan/Jason Lee Scott from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Created by: [info]kyleschick
Description: Kim is in love with her friend Jason but he only has eyes for Trini. Kim wishes that Jason could see her as more than a friend. 
Dedicated to[info]jayta78 The closest thing to a Jason/Trini video I could come up with for now. Much love to you, my almost shipper twin.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the concept.
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Jason/Kimberly: Things I'll Never Say [03 Jan 2008|01:13am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Youtube (view)
4shared (download)

Song: Things I'll Never Say by Avril Lavigne
Couple: Jason Scott/Kimberly Hart aka Red Ranger and Pink Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Description: Jason and Kimberly are good friends who have developed feelings for each other. Unfortunately, these feelings are things they'll never be able to say to each other.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the concept.

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PR avys and banners [31 Dec 2007|02:43am]

11 avatars
10 banners


may the power protect youCollapse )
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Introduction/Games? [02 Nov 2007|12:06pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Name? Adrienne
Location? Alta Loma, CA
Sex? Female
Favorite Power Ranger? It depends on the series. But, since this is a MMPR group, Kimberly
Main reason for loving MMPR? The potential. I grew up watching the shows, and as I grew up I fell in love with filling in plot holes and writing for RPGs
Favorite episode? White Light(both parts) and/or Calamity Kimberly
Favorite villian? My fave villain is actually not from MMPR. I like Astronema.
Got any cool Power Ranger stuff? I donated most of it my little brother, because he loves it SO much I could not resist him.

A partner and I recently started an RPG called Power Rangers: EndGame. We plan for it to be quite epic and are looking for players with a flair for writing to fell up our roster so we can get the story rolling. Please check it out. If you're interested sign up, or you can comment me here, or get me at DancingMarian@yahoo.com.



For the residents of the planet earth, and California especially, this word is rarely used. For centuries earth played host to a plethora of intergalactic battles. Originally, the Evil of the world had been drawn to its innocent nature. Humans were a species ignorant of intergalactic politics, and as such, regarded as easy pickings.

Zordon had put an end to that assumption. After that, there was something to prove. Attack after attack was pushed back by a group of highly unique individuals. Power Rangers. Then Zordon was taken. And with him, the battle was moved into the far reaches of space. For awhile.

Count Down to Destruction.

This was the name given to the greatest battle in Power Ranger history. The might of the most evil minds in the galaxy was brought against the will of the just. Rangers past and present fought to save the life they knew. They fought to save humanity. Eventually
the Power Rangers triumphed. But, as is usually the case, victory came with a price.

Zordon, the being who had looked after the planet for centuries, was gone. He had ordered his most loyal lieutenant to destroy the stasis tube keeping him alive. The energy from it swept out across the universe. Once it had dissipated, the evil was gone. All of it. The energy was so powerful, and so Good, that as it touched a being with darkness in its heart, the being was saved. Given a chance for a better life.

Now, the earth exists in a relative state of peace. No longer, do battles of galactic proportions take place in the street. No longer, must the humans fear enslavement from an alien race. Those who served as Power Rangers live among us, finally getting the chance to have what they fought for. A normal, happy life.

But far away, in the deepest reaches of the galaxy, there is a stirring.

Something slept, but the energy still moving out across the universe has awakened it. Good cannot exist without evil. The Balance has been disturbed.

It does not have a name. It is known as The Destroyer, the Plague.


He is coming.

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Icons [29 Oct 2007|04:01pm]

[ mood | blah ]

So I was bored last night and made 30 new icons.

That's right 30.

So heres the breakdown of what I made.

1 Bones
1 Flamebird
1 Mummy 3
1 Random
1 Breakfast at Tiffany's
2 The Little Mermaid the Musical
2 Princess Bride
2 Sleepless in Seattle
4 Lexington BBQ Festival
5 You've Got Mail
10 Power Rangers

I'm not too happy with two of my You've Got Mail ones, but I figured I would post them anyway. Please comment if you like and credit if you use! Thanks! and Enjoy!


1 2 3 4 5

foolish one with a smile...you don't have to be braveCollapse )
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[29 Apr 2007|05:09pm]

Hey guys I need a HUGE favor.

I'm doing a presentation for my philosophy class on the effects of violence in children's TV shows - specifically Power Rangers and I need some help finding video clips to use. If any of you know where I can find the following clips, I'd really appreciate it.

I need:
(preferably from MMPR, but thats not that important)
Clips that are especially violent
Clips that promote violence as a last resort
and most importantly:
I know these used to be on youtube but I'm pretty sure they've been taken down - but any of the clips of the actors explaining that they aren't *really* power rangers and that they're doing stunts or showing how the stunts are done, etc...


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[17 Sep 2006|01:04am]

Name? Abbey
Sex? Female
Favorite Power Ranger? Pink Ranger. Kimberly.
Main reason for loving MMPR? What can I say? It was awesome. Even if some of the stuff looked computer generated. The whole kickin' butt was cool and it was just my favorite show.
Favorite episode? I can't remember a certain episode per sae.It's been quite a while.
Favorite villian? I liked Rita(RIP to the Actress who played her.)
Got any cool Power Ranger stuff? I use to have so many things but my MOTHER sold them in garage sales she did. I had Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger bedsheets,chapter books with large print,Red & Pink Ranger action figures,A Pink Ranger belt buckle that sang the theme when you pressed a button and a different button said a phrase Kimberly would say. I was also the pink ranger for Halloween once. My mom had to make the costume because I couldn't actually fit into a store bought costume. I just had so many things. And supposely at one time I got my picture taking with the Pink & Red Ranger. I'm not sure if it was actually Amy Jo Johnson and Austin St.John or not.

I don't care much for any other series but the first series of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers that started it all!
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[24 Jul 2006|02:23pm]

Hey, everyone!

Name: Matt
Age: 20
Location: Delaware
Sex: Male
Favorite Power Ranger: Tommy, and then Jason, Adam, and Rocky (in that order)
Main reason for loving MMPR: From the very first episode I watched, I was hooked. It was a combination of the colors of the Ranger suits, the zords, and the characters themselves.
Favorite episode: Without a doubt, the two-part White Light episode.
Favorite villain: Lord Zedd, definitely.
Got any cool Power Ranger stuff: Oh yeah. I still have all the toys I ever bought back then. The flip-morph action figures, the megazords, some villains, etc. I also have a Red Ranger pin and a Red Ranger watch from the first season's era, as well as some trading cards.

I really want official full season DVDs. I honestly don't understand why Disney and Saban don't want to make them. It's a gold mine! Everyone wants them. I was one of many who were fooled by the April Fool's message on www.ranger-retrocenter.com and that REALLY got my hopes up. I don't want to go out and download/buy lackluster quality versions when there's the chance official DVDs may be coming out. I suppose that as long as they come out at some point in my lifetime, I will be satisfied. :)
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Hello :D [23 Jul 2006|04:34pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Greetings :D!

Introductory PostCollapse )

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[05 Jul 2006|02:00am]

whoo! icons! i went a little icon crazy this time around, so yeah.
i hope you like them.





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[20 Jun 2006|05:12am]


Whoooooooo! icons! Hehe. 

i have nothing to add.

just, be sure to:

teaser:  /


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Introductory Post [15 Jun 2006|04:45am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Name: Carla (skoshybabe)

Age: 44

Location: Michigan, USA

Sex: Female

Fave Ranger: Jason, Tommy, Billy, Adam, Rocky

Main reason for loving MMPR:
Always liked good eye candy and that show had plenty of it.

Favorite episode? Green with Evil mini-series

Favorite villian? Lord Zedd & Divatox

Got any cool Power Ranger stuff? If not.. pictures of yourself will do.
Not much Ranger stuff and no pics of myself on puter yet. Just got good digital camera so will be coming soon.

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Howdy, Howdy [29 May 2006|12:58pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

So I've been watching this comm forever and just forgot to do an intro. Oops. Sorry. Here it is:

Name? Marian
Age? 22
Location? NYC
Sex? Female
Favorite Power Ranger? This is tough. I'm going to do my top 3 because my preference is so minute: Zack, Trini, Billy.
Main reason for loving MMPR? How can one give one reason? It was just an amazing show. The bad dubbing, the predictable climax, the sugary sweet dialogue...and yet I get so ridiculously excited everytime I watch it.
Favorite episode? "Happy Birthday Zack" because it premiered on my birthday. And I bought it for my best friend's birthday (at the time). And it's the only episode I own.
Favorite villian? Well, I like Lord Zed and Rita Repulsa as a couple. I think they're super-hot together.
To be continued...Collapse )

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